About Our Business

Our mission at "Fake The Cake" is to provide you with excellent
customer service and a dream wedding cake at a practical price.
We started this business to save couples money. Why spend over
$1000.00 on a wedding cake when you can Fake The Cake!
Our cakes are made of a foam base and frosted with display icing.
We do not use any form of edible products on our display cakes.
Display icing does not attract insects and is mold resistant.
Our cakes are light weight and easily set up at your reception. Our
artificial cakes can easily accommodate most cake toppers and fresh
or silk flowers can also be used.
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The Wedding

Official Cake of the
Southern California
Renaissance Pleasure

Association of Bridal

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Southern California
Wedding Compass

The Great Wedding

A Note About Cutting The Cake
The question I am asked most often is
"How do you cut the cake?"  
There are several options available
but the most popular and easiest
works like this:  we have a piece of
the sheet cake already cut and placed
behind the "Fake The Cake." The Bride
and Groom pose for their photographs
and then feed each other a piece of
cake from that plate. It is simple and
no one even notices that you haven't
actually "cut" the cake.
We Are Here To Help:
We have been in business for over
four years b
ut renting a wedding cake
is a fairly new idea
to most couples.
We understand.
Please do not
hesitate to contact us with any
questions you
may have.
We look forward to helping you create
the wedding of your dreams without
breaking the bank.